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Jayen Chellum On Price Increase: Protest To Be Legal & Political

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Price increase

The FCAPE is set, and the mission is already on. There is the need to combat the rise in exaggerated prices and to create a price observatory. Certainly, a rally was announced,  but the fight will be above all legal and political.

What is the logical next step? The rise in prices and the sudden depreciation of the Mauritian rupee is creating such revolt in Mauritians that the Mauritius Consumers’ Association (ACIM) and other trade unions, and civil society organizations have come together to create the FCAPE, le Front Contre Augmentation Prix Exagéré

Vaccination- phony excuse!

Jayen Chellum could not be more straightforward, “We must say no to this abusive increase. The population cannot once again withdraw from their pockets to fill the financial holes in the state. The rise in fuel prices and the depreciation of the rupee are beyond understanding to any observer and consumer. The government has taken as excuse the support of the free vaccination campaign when it is known that the budget of the Ministry of Health has had an additional 2.5 billion rupees and currently weighs 14.5 billion. Besides, aren’t those vaccines donated? The reason for offsetting free vaccination with this Rs 2 tax on petrol and diesel would make the very definition of free of charge ambiguous. The government seems to have priorities that are other than the immediate well-being of Mauritians during this pandemic and economic crisis.

Motion of Disallowance for 2 years

The strategy of the front is the Contestation. “We are studying all the legal means, we have taken the support of two Senior Counsels (SC) in this process to request a ‘motion of disallowance’ for a minimum period of two years waiting for the pandemic crisis to be better managed as well as the current economic crisis and which will automatically follow after Covid 19. We want this tax to become a political debate“, admits Rajen Narsinghen, Professor, legal person and founding member of the FCAPE. After the setting up of the price observatory and preparation of an unbelievably detailed report, he intends to take the support of the Leader of the Opposition Xavier Luc Duval in this approach. “Considering the cost of production, import and freight tariff, there are some very justified increases and others that are really unjustified. Some importers are showing themselves to be opportunists, not to mention the supermarkets and the various shops that sell their old stocks at new prices. The responsible authorities should have done an inventory check. Preliminary analysis is being made of the prices charged on more than fifty products considered to be basic and on targeted retails. With such a situation, even those that constitute the Upper Middle Class will face impoverishment. What will then happen to the less well-off who are already down and out financially? ” he explains. This fight has as foundation the continuous rise of prices, taxes in general and equal opportunities.

Several marches intended.

Linion Sitwayen Morisien maintains that several peaceful and legal marches are being prepared. “Who is not affected by this fuel tax, the depreciation of the rupee and its effects? We plan to do a first rally during the third week of July. We are counting on everyone’s support. We are setting up a snail operation in specific places during rush hour“, announces Bruneau Laurette.

Assembly next week

Jayen Chellum confirms that this first rally will take place “either on Tuesday, Wednesday or otherwise on Saturday of the week. We are awaiting the approval of the Office of the Commissioner of Police.” The Front will meet again in next week to take stock of the distinct missions assigned to each member. A clarification with the press will also be on their agendas. At the same time, they will announce the date and time of the rally planned in the capital.

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