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Incident At La Citadelle: Eleven Suspects Arrested, Identified By Police Officers

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Eleven suspects involved in incidents at La Citadelle, Port-Louis on the evening of Friday October 20, where a concert was held to mark the 15th anniversary of the Attitude Hotel, have been identified by police officers working at the venue. Two of the suspects have already been brought before the Port Louis court on Monday morning, October 23. They are facing three provisional charges, including “unlawful assembly, damaging property band and bearing offensive weapon”. The nine other suspects will be brought before the same court on Tuesday October 24. However, according to a source at the Central Barracks. It is not yet known what charges will be brought against them.

It was around 9.40pm on the evening of Friday October 20 when a group of hooded and armed individuals burst into La Citadelle. They brought a premature end to the concert, the proceeds of which had been donated to NGOs.  The organizers had just informed these spectators that the sum raised was Rs 600,000.

“Teign partou. Arett konser fini”, a virulent voice had to shout.  At that very moment, a wind of panic was blowing through La Citadelle. While some spectators ran out of the venue, the majority preferred to stay indoors to avoid a stampede.

In the wake of this incident, an investigation was launched at the Trou Fanfaron police station. Led by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Metropolitan Police’s Northern Division, the investigation led to the arrest of three suspects early Sunday morning. One of them was taken to the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis. Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis. After treatment, he was admitted to the ward.

In the early hours of Monday morning, October 22, a major police operation was launched. Carried out by elements of the CID of the Port-Louis/Nord division, with the assistance of officers from the Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) of the South division, eight suspects were arrested. Police officers on duty identified at least six of them.

The arrested suspects are scheduled to give their statements this Tuesday, October 24, in the presence of their lawmen.

While the police communication cell had announced that the suspects were to be arrested on a provisional charge of Pota. Three suspects were arrested and placed in a cell. One was admitted to hospital. The other two suspects were brought before the Port-Louis court on Monday October 23. The third was released because he was not identified by police officers working in Extra Duty at La Citadelle.

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