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Freddy Is Dangerously Approaching Rodrigues; Class III Is In Force In Rodrigues

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According to the tenth cyclone bulletin for Rodrigues issued at 1610 hours on Sunday 19 February 2023, Freddy has continued to weaken and is now an intense tropical cyclone over the last 6 hours It has also accelerated with a slight curvature in its trajectory towards the south. On this trajectory, Freddy is dangerously approaching Rodrigues.

The estimated central pressure of Freddy is around 930 hPa and the estimated wind gusts near its center is about 280 km/h. Freddy is expected to pass at its closest distance of about 240 km to the north-north-west of Rodrigues in the evening.

At 16h00 hours, the intense tropical cyclone Freddy was centered at about 250 km to the north-northeast of Rodrigues, near latitude 17.3 degrees south and longitude 64.1 degrees east. It is moving towards the west-southwest at about 25 km/h.

Any further curvature of the trajectory towards the south will bring the center closer to the island with an increased risk of cyclonic conditions, that is, wind gusts of 120 km/h.

The public in Rodrigues is advised to complete all precautions and to stay in safe places. Weather will be cloudy with passing showers, more frequent in the evening and maybe moderate at times.

Wind will blow from the southeast at about 80 km/h, strengthening gradually in the evening with gusts reaching 120 km/h.

The sea will become very high with heavy swells of the order of 7 meters with risk of storm surge along the coasts.

A cyclone warning class II is in force in Mauritius

At 1600 hours, intense tropical cyclone Freddy was centered at about 720 km to the east-north-east of Mauritius near latitude 17.3 degrees south and longitude 64.1 degrees east.   It is moving in a west south westerly direction at a speed of about 25 km/h. On this new trajectory Freddy is dangerously approaching Mauritius and may represent direct threat to the island. It may pass at about 140 km at its closest distance to the north north west of the island on Monday evening.

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