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Foreign Direct Investment On The Rise According To BOM Report

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Last figure published by the Bank of Mauritius (BoM), shows that Gross direct investment flows in Mauritius have been estimated at Rs13,513 million for the first semester of 2023 (2023H1) compared to Rs10,086 million for the corresponding period in 2022 (Table 1a). The ‘Real estate activities’ sector was the major recipient of gross direct investment inflows, which was mostly received under IRS/RES/IHS/PDS/SCS1, followed by the ‘Accommodation and food service activities’ sector. Gross direct investments in Mauritius were mainly sourced from France and South Africa.

Gross direct investment flows abroad for the first half of 2023 (2023H1) have been estimated at Rs615 million compared to Rs1,388 million in 2022H1. These outflows were mainly directed to the ‘Real estate activities and ‘Manufacturing’ sectors (Table 2a). Direct investment flows to the African continent amounted to Rs156 million, while those to Europe totalled Rs134 million in 2023H1.

Bank of Mauritius disseminates data on gross direct investment flows in Mauritius and abroad both by sector and by major area and region (including a number of select countries). These statistics, however, exclude the cross-border transactions of the global business sector. The sector classification is in line with the structure of the fourth revision of the United Nation’s International Standard of Industrial Classification (ISIC Rev. 4).

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