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EDB And Eastern Africa Association Sign Memorandum To Help Promote Mauritius To Eastern African Investors

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A memorandum of understanding was signed this Thursday 30th March 2023 between the Economic Board (EDB) represented by his Chairman, Mr. Hemraj Ramnial and the Chairman of the Eastern Africa Association (EAA), Lord Valentine Cecil. The MoU signature was done at the premises of the law firm Stephenson Harwood in London, UK. The signature of this MoU formalises EDB’s commitment with the EAA to working together and to support each other in carrying out their respective mandates as well as to help promote Mauritius to Eastern African Investors.

For information, the Eastern Africa Association (EAA) was founded almost 60 years ago and is the leading business association for corporations and investors in Eastern Africa. The EAA has built itself a membership network of more than 250 international companies, including those originating from the Eastern African region.

The EDB remains committed to promoting Mauritius as a platform for investment into the African continent. With the value added of our network of Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs) and our historic adhesion to the African trade blocs (COMESA, SADC, AfCFTA, amongst others), our jurisdiction offers unparalleled opportunities for investors who are tapping into the African continent.

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