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Covid 19: Sad Situations With More Deaths Including A 15-Month-Old Girl

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The country recorded 172 cases of Covid on Thursday 9th September. However, we have recorded the saddening situation of the death of a 15-month-old girl. There was also the incident caused by the inhabitants of Grapefruits at the Bois Marchands cemetery concerning the alternative burial site.

On Thursday 9 September, the Ministry of Health recorded two new deaths linked to Covid-19, without giving their age or vaccination status. These people were admitted to the New ENT Hospital. The main cause of death was attributed to Covid-19.

Death due to Aspiration Pneumonia at 15 months

The death of little Keira Esther has turned the country upside down. She was admitted to the Dr A. G. Jeetoo Hospital for vomiting. The 15-month-old was weak and the hospital gave her serum through an intravenous drip. She was tested positive for Covid during her stay. Her condition deteriorated and she was placed in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She did not survive and unfortunately, 8 days later the girl has passed away and her death is attributed to ‘Aspiration Pneumonia’ and not to Covid 19, according to a statement by the Ministry of Health. However, her body has not yet been handed over to the family, despite the fact that the death is not attributed to Covid. The Ministry of Health says that health protocol must be followed in all cases. The family deplores the fact that the Ministry has not yet seen fit to do PCR test on the mother and other family members living in the same house, including children..

Suggestion of another plot in Bois Marchand

The incidents at the Bois Marchand Cemetery and the attack with stones by the inhabitants have made the authorities react. The President of the Pamplemousses District Council Sunil Somaroo, announced to the residents of Bois Marchand that an alternative site has been identified and will be suggested to the relevant ministry. The site is close to the incinerator and is more suitable for the burial of the Covid victims without disturbing the health of the inhabitants.

500,000 doses of Sinopharm from China

The country has 0.98% of the population infected with Covid-19. To date, 835,836 people have been vaccinated and 773,909 have received both. As far as vaccines are concerned, Mauritius received on Thursday 500,000 doses of Sinopharm from the Chinese government as well as 225,000 kits of Rapid Antigen Tests

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