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BBTitans: Mmeli & Jenni O Evicted, Ebuka Exposes Love Triangle In The House

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The last weekend was the last for yet another team in the Big Brother Titans house. Last week’s elimination saw Mmeli and Jenni O, popular as Jenne Li, being evicted. 

With this, the BBTitans house is left with 9 pairs that will continue to compete for the grand prize of $100,000. Nominees Olivia and Juicy Jay (Juiovla), Yvonne and Justin (Juvone), Miracle OP and Khosi (Khosicle), Yemi Cregx and Nelisa (Yelisa), Thabang and Nana (Thabang), Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva (Kaniva) were saved in the eviction round this week.

The eviction began with a moving homage to the late South African rapper AKA and his friend, who died late on February 10 after being shot in a drive-by.

Host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu talked with the evictees. He asked Mmeli if he expected this, to which Mmeli replied, “No, I didn’t expect this.” When Ebuka further asked about his journey, Mmeli said, “I feel good. I was honest and true to myself, and everyone got to see that.”

Ebuka posed a question to Jenni O regarding concerns of housemates. He asked, “People say you were in a coven. You had a group and you gossiped a lot.” Jenni O replied, “We were giving viewers the highlight of the day. We were giving everyone the vim and energy.”

Jenni also cleared, talking about her eviction, that there are no hard feelings about who put her team up for eviction. “It was a game, and they put other people up too”, she said.

Love drama in the house

Just before Valentine’s Day, the BBTitans house saw a love triangle exposed by host Ebuka. He started with the heads of the house. 

He intriguingly asked how much Ebubu missed Jaypee, who was evicted. He responded that he will temporarily put his connection with her on hold in order to concentrate solely on the game. 

Ebuka then turned his focus to the other head of house, Tsatsii, and asked about her relationship with Kanaga Jr. She shrugged that they are simply getting to know each other better, but Ebuka questioned whether they were knowing each other simply by always kissing as they do so.

But the highlight of the episode was the most talked about and ignited love triangle of Yemi Cregx, Khosi Twala and Blue Aiva. Ebuka raised the excitement level of the house when he hinted at the midnight activities of Yemi and Blue Aiva. 

BBTitans: Yemi Cregx, Khosi Twala & Blue Aiva
BBTitans: Yemi Cregx, Khosi Twala & Blue Aiva

He asked Yemi why he continues leaving Khosi’s bed at night to meet Blue Aiva every night, while assuring her that she will not be a side chick for long again and reassuring Khosi that she was the only one for him. However, Yemi kept denying all the Ebuka’s claims. 

Finally Yemo replied in defense that he wasn’t visiting her intentionally but only stops by whenever he is passing her bed. He further added that he wasn’t visiting her bed every night.

Since Khosi was unaware of her man’s midnight adventures, the discovery left her speechless for a moment, and Blue Aiva was visibly humiliated.

Khosi, in anger, left Yemi. This occurred just prior to the live eviction show.

Yemi had repeatedly been requested by Khosi to end his relationship with Blue Aiva because she felt uncomfortable with it.

Yemi has been very clear about his intention to keep having an affair with Blue Aiva, though. Khosi had seen him kissing Blue or with her in positions that leave nothing to the imagination on numerous occasions.

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