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XLD: Parliamentary Debates Are Off To A Flying Start

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The leaders of the L’Espoir platform faced the press this morning. They talked a lot about the Kistnen case and the publication of the report of magistrate Vidya Mungroo-Jugurnauth, who presided over the judicial enquiry, by the media. “The start of the new parliamentary term on Tuesday is very exciting,” he said, noting that during the parliamentary holidays, there were many scandals, bad decisions and cover-ups that occurred.

For him, it’s no coincidence that the report of Magistrate Mungroo-Jugurnath was unveiled a few days before the start of the parliamentary session. “I congratulate all the people who made sure that the truth came out. I commend the DPP for not following up on the police investigation and deciding to appoint a judicial enquiry. I also congratulate the magistrate for having the courage of her opinion. She wrote in black and white who had an interest in seeing Soopramanien Kistnen dead. I also congratulate the Avengers,” he said.

Xavier-Luc Duval added that following the unveiling of the report of magistrate Vidya Mungroo-Jugurnath, “no one will be able to say that they trust the police investigation”. He pointed out that it was not a politician who wrote this report but a magistrate who said how shocked she was by the way the police conducted the investigation. “They did not try to get the truth out but to hide it. Certain clues were deliberately ignored. Then there is the whole story about the autopsy and the coroner,” he said, noting that the report highlights “the widespread corruption in the Sawmynaden department.

Duval issues warning to Speaker

The entire parliamentary opposition is meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss the “existential crisis that the country is currently facing”! Xavier-Luc Duval announced an “emergency meeting” on Monday afternoon. For him, a country cannot function without law and order and without an efficient police force. He also asked the population to read the report and draw their own conclusions. Xavier-Luc also said that the attitude of the Speaker of the National Assembly will be paramount during this session. “We ask him to be careful. We are beyond a crisis never seen before. This government must go,” he stressed.

Bodha: “Sawmynaden’s presence will stain Parliament”

Facing the press on Saturday morning at a press conference of the Hope cartel, Nando Bodha recalled that the Kistnen case iwas one of the reasons for his resignation from the government. “I spoke about the smell of death that had enveloped a constituency, the Prime Minister’s constituency, and a party, the MSM,” he said. He added that the very foundations of the country are being shaken. “We have a dangerous regime that has crossed all the boundaries. It has adopted practices that are only seen in North Korea,” he said. Regarding Yogida Sawmynaden’s presence in the National Assembly, Bodha said, “it is a smear since the report of Magistrate Mungroo-Jugurnath claims that he took bribes”. At another time, Nando Bodha said that Yogida Sawmynaden’s presence in Parliament would be considered a provocation.

Jugnauth has not understood anything, says Bérenger

Paul Bérenger, in a press conference on Saturday, took a swipe at the Prime Minister about electoral reform. “Pravind Jugnauth has not understood anything. He demonstrated this when he came up with a semblance of a bill in 2018. He shows it again with his recent statement,” he said. On the same subject, Nando Bodha said Pravind Jugnauth does not have the political will to come up with real electoral reform. “The First past the Post system brings imbalances. We need a dose of proportionality to bring balance. Hope has the means to do this,” he said.

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