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Working From Home: Benefits And Drawbacks

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With successive lock-ins, the business class has encouraged their employees to work from home. However, working from home is far from being a relaxing experience.

Work from home is not always popular. On the contrary, for many employees, it is a daily nightmare.

Vikash, 37, works in the financial sector. This family man doesn’t know where to turn since he works from home: “It’s often difficult to work from home, especially with young children who don’t go to school now. Between the volume of the television, the arguments between brother and sister, it’s not always easy to keep calm.”

Work From Home
Home is not always a good place to telework.

But the hardest thing for Vikash is the attitude of his employer: “You should know that my employer does not reimburse me for my electricity consumption for the work I do for his company. The same goes for the calls I make. With my colleagues, we have talked to him, but he does not want to hear anything. Now with the economic crisis, we preferred to keep quiet so as not to lose our jobs. ”

A teacher in an academy, Estelle also encounters several difficulties: “We currently hold online courses. Except that the students do not pay much attention and do not interact at all. Sometimes I feel like I spend hours in vain trying to find the right pedagogy to get them to learn. ”

Work From home
Difficult to reconcile work from home and family responsibilities.

Recently, Estelle has also had to live with constant stress: “We are under a lot of pressure. Some school principals and parents secretly invite themselves into our virtual classes to evaluate us. The situation is untenable so much so that I am now a much more tense person than usual. “

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