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WhatsApp Joins The Metaverse League With Personalized Avatars

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Metaverse is understood as a virtual space bringing together users from across the globe on social media, via AR, VR and cryptocurrency. Meta made its debut by introducing avatars on Facebook giving stiff competition to Apple’s Memoji and Snapchat’s Bitmoji. Soon, WhatsApp would also become a part of this league, having people video chat with their avatars.

Currently, WhatsApp is said to be working on enhancing its video chat experience by adding customized avatars for the users. The hints of this development were observed with WhatsApp updating to the Android beta version. The user’s avatar would appear during a video chat when the “Switch to Avatar” option is selected.

WhatsApp’s avatars would not only serve its purpose during video chats but users would also be able to use their avatars as stickers, rather than typical emoticons while texting individuals and on group chats, just as on Facebook and Instagram. But this feature is being kept confidential from the users.

There is a high probability of users being given the option to synchronize their Facebook and Instagram avatars with the ones on WhatsApp. Like Facebook and Instagram, for both Android and iOS devices, users can create and personalize their avatars. Some features of the app are still under testing to be well-developed.

WhatsApp has not yet announced the date when these extraordinary features would be released. It can be safely said that WhatsApp users are anxiously awaiting the release date.

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