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Wakashio: Presence of Oil In The Organs Of Deceased Dolphins

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Last Thursday, July 15, several witnesses took the stand in the court of inquiry into the sinking of the MV Wakashio. First, a police superintendent went over the specifics of each aircraft of the Mauritian police helicopter squadron. However, this witness stated that he was not on duty that day. The lawmen present then pressed him with questions about the aircraft’s ability to maneuver under certain metrological conditions. He explained that each helicopter that the police have at their disposal has their own ability and that it depends mainly on the nature of the mission.

Three other witnesses appeared in court, namely the Chief Forensic Scientist of the Forensic Science Laboratory and two veterinarians from the Ministries of Fisheries and Agribusiness. All of them testified about the tests performed on the dolphins found on the coast last year.

Naila Pemsing, Chief Forensic Scientist at the Forensic Scientific Laboratory, called to the witness stand was questioned about the death of several marine mammals, stranded on the coast of the southeast of the island. She claimed that out of 20 organ samples analyzed, 11 were positive for hydrocarbons while the others were negative. On the other hand, Dr. Avinashsingh Kailaysur, Veterinary Officer at the Ministry of Agribusiness, testified before this body. Regarding the cause of death of these mammals, he believes that it is due to barotrauma related to a change in water pressure. He explained that the sound waves caused injuries to the sensory organs of the dolphins that lost their sense of orientation.

He also stated that the presence of oil in the organs of the dolphins may be the cause of their deaths.

The next session was scheduled for July 27.

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