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Violent Fire Ravages Couple’s Home In Bain Des Dames

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Laure and Joseph Luchemoonien, aged 69 and 72 respectively, watched helplessly in the early hours of this Tuesday morning, January 24, as devastating flames devoured their four-room house on Cassis Road, Cassis. This couple lost everything, and the damage is estimated at Rs 250 000. The police do not suspect any malicious act. It could be that a short circuit is at the origin of this fire.

Laure Luchemoonien woke up suddenly at around 00:50 in the morning of Tuesday, January 24. She could hardly breathe and had to notice black smoke in her house. She immediately grabbed her left foot prosthesis, got dressed, and called her husband. He opened the gate and she looked outside for help.

Still in a state of shock, Laure Lucheemoonien went to the police station in Bain des Dames to give her statement. In great detail, she recounted how the evening of Monday, January 23, unfolded before their house fell prey to flames.

On that Monday, January 23, she and her husband returned to their room to go to bed around 8:00 p.m. It was a lack of oxygen during her sleep that woke her up. At that very moment, she saw black smoke spreading in her house. After grabbing her left foot prosthesis, she woke up her husband. They both went out to the street where she sought help.

A short time later, police officers from the Bain des Dames police station and a team of firefighters arrived at the scene of the fire. The flames were consuming her house with great intensity. The firefighters could do nothing to save their house, which was reduced to a pile of burnt metal sheets. The couple lost everything, including their furniture and appliances, including a TV, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a cell phone and Rs 10,000.

When the fire broke out, the 60-year-old woman made it clear that no candles were lit and that she was not using any electrical appliances.

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