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US Mid Term Elections: Joe Biden’s Democratic Party Holds Senate Strongly, Senator Masto Wins In Nevada

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The United States President Joe Biden and the ruling Democratic Party have shined in a mid term election.

Democrats have retained the Senate with gaining a stronghold on 50 seats while potentially gaining one. While doing so, they have been successful in beating back the efforts of Republicans to reclaim the chamber and made it difficult for the opposition to counter President Joe Biden’s agenda.

As the Republican Party (popularly called the Grand Old Party, GOP) battled to put together a small majority in the House, the future of the chamber remained uncertain.

Mid term elections are those times when the opposition party can prove itself. Instead, Biden and the Democrats are poised to have one of the four most successful midterm elections for the party in power in the last century.

Democrats now have the necessary 50 seats in the Senate thanks to Senator Catherine Cortez Masto’s victory in Nevada. Her victory highlights the unexpected strength of Democrats in the United States throughout this election season. Republicans were frustrated because Cortez Masto was seen as the Senate’s most vulnerable member and was running for reelection in a state with some of the highest gas prices in the country and a struggling economy.

As the voting has witnessed until now, it’s very much evident that general election voters rejected Republican candidates they saw as being extreme, like on issues such as abortion, being closely associated with former President Donald Trump.

The election results have been greatly unique. In the president’s first mid term election, the president’s party has only three times since 1922 gained (or lost no) Senate seats and lost fewer than 10 House seats.

All of the previous mid term elections– 1934, 1962 and 2002 – are thought to be massive achievements for the president’s party with great exceptions to rule, which suggests that the party ruling the White House majorly loses seats in a midterm.

Also important to note about this election is the fact that Joe Biden is quite unpopular. Exit poll results showed a 44% approval rating for him. His favorability was rated at 41%.

The speedier procedure for Biden’s judicial and cabinet nominees, including those for possible Supreme Court openings, is ensured by the Democratic Senate majority. The party will maintain control over committees, have the authority to look into or oversee the Biden administration, and, should the GOP take control of the House, will have the power to veto legislation that is sent there.

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