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United States: A Spectacular Republican Victory In The Midterms Looms

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This Tuesday, November 8, the midterms are organized in the United States. These elections will allow the election of a part of the national parliament. Could the result already give the trend for the presidential elections of 2024? What the polls say.

Despite the unfathomably mediocre candidates, the conservative opposition is once again on a roll and is poised, this November 8, to take both houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate, from the Democrats.

In the United States, midterms (mid-term elections) take place on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. These are general elections in which voters across the country must vote for their member of Congress to serve in the House of Representatives for the next two years. In some states, Americans must also choose their senator to represent them, as well as elect governors and local legislatures.

While President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party currently has a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, polls indicate that the party is likely to lose control of the former. For the second, nothing is decided yet, according to the same projections.

The Republican Party, that of Donald Trump, should emerge stronger from these midterms. Even if the conservatives are neck and neck with the left, a victory in the House of Representatives – which seems inevitable – would provide a real political counterweight. This election could serve as a launching pad to the 2024 presidential election for the former president, who is no longer hiding his ambitions to return to the White House.

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