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UK: Royal Mail To Release Special Flower Stamps Featuring King Charles For The First Time

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The Royal Mail is releasing the first commemorative stamps featuring the image of King Charles, whose silhouette can be seen on a series of stamps featuring well-known garden flowers.

These stamps will likely be the first to feature the King’s face that the general public will see.  This design substitutes one that has been present on commemorative stamps since 1968 and features the head of the Queen. 

The last batch of new stamps featuring the image of the Queen was released last month.

According to Royal Mail’s David Gold, the use of floral images for this historic collection of stamps reflected the King’s passion for gardening.

The new first- and second-class regular stamp designs featuring King Charles were earlier made public by the Royal Mail.

But those new stamps won’t start to frequently surface on letters until supplies of the current stamps featuring the late Queen’s head run out.

The new King Charles first and second-class stamps are not anticipated to become widely available until the following month.

As a result, these 10 floral stamps, which feature perennial favourites like the rose, dahlia, sunflower, and fuchsia, will be the first stamps to be noticeably altered under the new administration.

Starting on Tuesday, customers can purchase these flower stamps, which will be widely available the following week.

The late Queen’s image will no longer be used on memorial stamps as a result.

It has been used to commemorate hundreds of occasions and ideas, including Thomas the Tank Engine, Christmas, the Concorde, and Doctor Who.

The Royal Mail had carried out long-term plans made before the Queen’s passing in September thanks to the long-term planning for such unique stamps.

However, the final set, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Flying Scotsman, was only unveiled in February. Charles’ silhouette will now be visible on all such special editions.

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