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UK: Rishi Sunak Becomes Youngest Prime Minister To Sworn In Today

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British MP Rishi Sunak has been elected Conservative leader on Monday and will now be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom. His rival Penny Mordaunt could not secure the required 100 nominations from her fellow MPs. Mordaunt pledged her “full support” for the ex-finance minister. 

Ex prime minister Boris Johnson shockingly terminated his chance to become the PM. He will be sworn-in as Britain’s third prime minister this year, after Boris Johnson and Liz Truss. He replaced Truss after her weak tenure lasting for just 45 days. 

Rishi Sunak to wear crown of thorns

Thanking the country, his MPs and feeling honored at this juncture, Rishi Sunak in his winning speech clarified on his upcoming responsibilities. He said, “We now need stability, and unity, and I will make it my utmost priority to bring our party and our country together. Because that is the only way we will overcome the challenges we face and build a better, more prosperous future for our children and our grandchildren.”

After Liz Truss’ failure in tax-cutting the budget and tackling inflation, Rishi Sunak has worn a crown of thorns, with a long list of economic issues the country faces. His dilemma is striking a balance between thanking supporters of his two leadership campaigns this year and maintaining party cohesion by bringing in representatives from various conflicting factions. After Sunak pledged to the lawmakers he would lead a “government of all the talents,” his advisers had negotiations Monday regarding selections to his first cabinet, according to sources familiar with the matter. Hunt’s plans for a fiscal statement outlining the government’s spending priorities are anticipated to be carried out by him on October 31.

Rishi Sunak’s swearing-in schedule 

Sunak will be UK’s first British-Asian prime minister and the first UK prime minister of Indian origin. He will also be the youngest prime minister for more than 200 years. Rishi Sunak, 42-year-old, will take office on Tuesday after formally being appointed by King Charles III. 

The departing prime minister, Liz Truss,  will speak outside No. 10 after presiding over her final cabinet meeting at 9:00 BST before making her way to Buckingham Palace for her final visit with the King. Sunak will then have an audience with the King and will then travel to Downing Street to make a statement around 11:35, before going to Number 10. 

Rishi Sunak will meet with King Charles once Truss departs the palace, and the King will formally appoint him as the new PM. At roughly 4 o’clock today, the first Hindu prime minister of the UK will subsequently make a speech in front of Number 10. His wife Akshaya Murthy and their two daughters, Anoushka and Krishna, could also be present.


In 2015, Rishi Sunak first entered politics. In Yorkshire’s Richmond, he won the election. Sunak swiftly advanced through the ranks of the Conservative party and supported the “Brexit” movement. He participated in Boris Johnson’s “leave EU” campaign as one of his backers.

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