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UK And Mauritius Conclude Three-Month Police Training Programme

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This week marked the end of an intensive UK Government-funded training programme with the Mauritius Police Force (MPF). Delivered by senior UK officers from the UK’s International Policing Assistance Services (IPAS) in conjunction with Cambridgeshire police, this important partnership between our two police forces has helped build the capacity and leadership of MPF officers.

The training focussed on investigations, intelligence analysis, specialist crimes such as cybercrime and concluded on Thursday 16 March 2023. This partnership delivered on priorities outlined in MPF’s Strategic Plan for 2022-2025, and followed a scoping visit to Mauritius undertaken by Vanessa Jardine, Deputy Chief Constable (DCC) of West Midlands Police, and Commander David Lawes in April 2022. DCC Jardine was delighted to visit Mauritius again to see the impact of the programme for herself and discuss future areas of collaboration with the MPF. She had the chance to meet officers of all ranks to discuss policing challenges Mauritius faces and share experiences from the UK. DCC Jardine met Commissioner Dip to reflect on how this sharing of knowledge will help drive forward the MPF’s efforts to fight crime and protect communities in the years ahead.

Vanessa Jardine - Anil Kumar Dip - Pravind Jugnauth

‘All around the world, including here in Mauritius, law enforcement agencies work round the clock to keep citizens safe and tackle new threats such as cyber-attacks and serious and organised crime. In the wake of these challenges, we must ensure that those who protect us are supported to develop and maintain the right skills to carry out their duty. The UK commends the Mauritius Police Force’s commitment to delivering on our shared commitment to safe and fair societies and is committed to support the MPF’s efforts to provide high quality service to the Mauritian public. Our police forces have a long shared history, with many senior officers in Mauritius having trained in the UK. As this intensive policing training ends and we consider future training, I am proud of the excellent and long-standing relationship between our two police forces’ the British High Commissioner said.

‘Our quest for service excellence and commitment to maintaining a safe and low crime environment, are unflinching. This endeavour necessitates a constant review of policies/ strategies and embracing new policing concepts and best practices in order to address contemporary, sophisticated and tech-driven crimes. We also need to be alive and prepared to deal with emerging policing threats, which may not have reached our shores. Since crime is becoming increasingly borderless, partnership, collaboration and cooperation among Police Forces are imperatives to ensure the effective fight against crime. The recent partnership between the UK Police and the MPF is instrumental for bolstering the capacity of the MPF to come to grip with new policing challenges, including the investigation of complex, sophisticated transnational crimes. The tailor-made training programme implemented following a systematic assessment of our needs has been beneficial in reinforcing the capabilities of our officers and has laid the foundation for more professional investigative approaches. At this juncture, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the British High Commissioner for her personal commitment in bringing this project to fruition. I also extend my appreciation to the UK Government whose support has been instrumental in materialising this Police-to-Police cooperation. Likewise, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Honourable Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Prime Minister of Mauritius, for supporting our quests in uplifting policing standards in Mauritius. We look forward to strengthening and sustaining our fruitful partnership and collaboration’, said the Commissioner of Police, Mr. A. K. Dip, CSK, PMSM.

Police Training Programme


The UK is committed to supporting the Mauritius Police Force through a number of strands, which includes this strategic policing support programme. The initial scoping was undertaken in April 2022 by Deputy Chief Constable Vanessa Jardine, who holds the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) portfolio for International Policing. DCC Jardine, and Commander David Lawes OBE, seconded into the UK Home Office as a strategic policing advisor. The pair worked in collaboration with the British High Commission and strategic leads within the Mauritius Police Force. Subsequent recommendations were made in line with the nine strategic objectives set out in the MPF strategic plan 2022- 2025.

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