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Uganda releases Last Confirmed Ebola patient, Informs Health Ministry

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Uganda’s last known Ebola patient was discharged from the hospital, said a senior health official. This heightened hopes of an end to the outbreak that has killed at least 56 people.

Ebola outbreak was first confirmed in September and health officials declared it as the Sudan strain of the virus. It kills 40 to 60 percent of the infected persons and there is no proven vaccine for it.

One of the health ministry’s top officials expressed happiness and posted on Twitter, “Happy to announce that we discharged the past Ebola patient. God has seen us through this epidemic.”

She said the medical persons would still monitor people who had come into contact with infected patients until they have been declared well for 21 days. However, she did not mention when was the last confirmed case.

The government took various measures to control the spread of the Ebola virus. It put restrictions on travel, overnight curfew, and places of worship and entertainment were also shut. Even after these measures, many cases reappeared in the capital city and east of the country. 

The causes of Ebola were vomiting, bleeding, and diarrhea which spreads when one gets exposed to infected people’s bodily fluids. 

The virus can affect the eyes, the nervous system, and bodily fluids and increase later on. Uganda has recorded 142 infections from the latest outbreak. According to the World Health Organization, a country should record no confirmed case 42 days after its last recorded case to be declared Ebola-free.

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