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Two Workers Died On Construction Sites Within 48 Hours

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Two workers working in the construction sector died there in a tragic way in 48 hours. Ramkesh Baurwa, a 28-year-old Indian national working for the Chinese construction company, Juan Su died on the afternoon of Monday May 22. This after he was hit by the arm of a lift pumping concrete on the base of the construction of the legend Hill hotel in Rivière-Noire. Vivayen Kooroosamy, a 28-year-old maintenance worker for the Betonix company, met a terrible end when the cement mixer he was in started up at a construction site in Tribeca, Ebene.

Ramkesh Baurwa’s fatal accident was caused when a truck got stuck in the ground. The arm of this truck that was pumping concrete had to hit Ramkesh Baurwa who was on this base to spray concrete with the pipe he was holding in his hands. Seriously injured, this worker who lived in a dormitory in Petite Rivière was rushed to the Dr Yves Cantin hospital in Rivière where he was unfortunately declared dead.

Accident at work in Black River

Vivayen Kooroosamy was inside a cement mixer breaking dry concrete when it started up. This resident of Cluny was then caught by one of the blades of this machine. According to information obtained by the police, it was the victim himself who started and stopped this concrete mixer with a remote control.

Accident at work in Black River

An investigation has been initiated at the Rose-Hill police station to shed light on the atrocious circumstances of this work accident. The concrete mixer, the entire electrical system and the remote will be examined to locate responsibility in this case. It took four hours for the men of the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service to extricate the body of this man from this “mixer”.

Accident at work in Tribeca, Ébène

Vivayen Kooroosamy had twelve years of service with the Betonix company. The victim lived with his father, since his death, he was cared for by his paternal grandmother. This tragic news caused a great stir in the village of Cluny. There were many of them, relatives, friends and acquaintances who flocked to his home to express their sympathy to his loved ones.

Vivayen Kooroosamy’s funeral took place at 1 p.m. on Sunday 21 May. He was buried in Union Park Cemetery.

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