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Two UBS Traffic Officers Attacked In Roche-Bois

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Two United Bus Service (UBS) Traffic Officers were attacked at a bus stop on the Roche-Bois highway early Monday evening, January 16. The thug approached them under the pretext of asking for a cigarette. He began by beating one of the men before taking the second man’s cell phone. The suspect was spotted on surveillance camera footage from Safecity.

The assault took place at approximately 7:25 p.m. on Monday, January 16. The two men were in a car that was facing in the direction of the capital. In the complaint made at the Roche-Bois police station, a 48-year-old Traffic Officer living in Beau-Bassin explained that he was in the company of his 57-year-old colleague, also a Traffic Officer living in Bois Pignolet, Terre-Rouge. He was waiting in the latter’s vehicle to take a UBS bus to the capital.

It was at this precise moment that an unknown man approached the car. He used the pretext of asking for a cigarette. The two men answered in the negative. Without saying anything he started to inflict blows to the face and head of the resident of Bois-Pignolet. His colleague said he went out immediately to help him.

The suspect who saw that he left his cell phone on the front seat had to go around to get it. He fled in the direction of Cocoterie Road, Roche-Bois. The value of this stolen phone of the brand Hisense of the model h50 Zoom is of Rs 12 000.

The injured Traffic Officer went to the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis for treatment. The Criminal Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police of the northern division was seized of this investigation.

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