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Two Deaths On Our Roads Over The Weekend

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Two more people were killed on the road this weekend in the north of the country. Rajcoomar Panchoo, also known as Gian, 80, was hit by a car at Camp La Cloche, Grande Pointe aux Piments before being thrown into the rear windscreen of a van. The octogenarian succumbed to his injuries on the evening of Saturday 26 November. On the evening of Sunday 27 November, motorcyclist Vencen Stevy Wonder Ivon, 36 years old, was killed on the Route Royale in Mapou Leclézio after being hit head-on by a 4×4.

It was at around 7.30pm on the evening of Saturday 26 November that a team of police officers from the Trou aux Biches police station went to Camp La Cloche, Grande Pointe aux Piments following a request for a road accident. The body of a man was lying on the asphalt. A white Honda Accord car and a green Nissan van were parked on the left side of a road. Both vehicles were facing towards Balaclava. Debris was scattered at this location.

The position of these two vehicles and a man were sketched by volunteers. The man, Rajcoomar Panchoo, from Grande Pointe aux Piments, had already been taken to the North Hospital by his relatives.  The octogenarian succumbed to his injuries at around 8.05pm the same day. On Saturday 26 November, friends of the victim had organised a party in a local hall to celebrate his 80th birthday, which he had celebrated on Tuesday 8 November. At the time of the accident, he had returned home to change his clothes before returning to the party. He got out of his car to go to his home across the street when this tragedy occurred.

The impact was of such rare violence that he was thrown into the rear windscreen of a van. Although this area is covered by a surveillance camera, the images of this accident could not be captured because the camera is obstructed by branches. Images from other Safecity cameras and private cameras were viewed. A white Nissan Sunny was seen crossing just before the accident occurred.

It is a sense of outrage that drives the members of the Panchoo family. On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, Indurman Panchoo, 61, another brother of Rajcoomar Panchoo, had also met a tragic end. This accident happened almost at the same place. He was returning from the shop after buying a cigarette. Relatives of Rajcoomar Panchoo are outraged that nothing has been done so far to prevent further accidents. They said they had asked for speed bumps on this road as vehicles were speeding on this road.

A check with the National Transport Authority traced the owner of the vehicle to a resident of Curepipe. The owner was questioned by police officers in Trou aux Biches and explained that he had sold the vehicle to a 42-year-old woman from Camp Mexico, Grande Pointe aux Piments. The latter, through her lawyer, Mr Ivan Collendavelloo, senior counsel, said that she was going to report to the Trou aux Biches police station on the morning of 28 November.

An autopsy was carried out on the body of Rajcoomar Panchoo at the mortuary of the Dr A.G. Jeetoo Hospital, Port Louis on the morning of Sunday 27 November by Dr Ananda Sunnassee, Police Medical Officer. She attributed the death to a fracture of the spine at the neck.

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