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Two Bangladeshi Workers Victims Of Robbery

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The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Western Division is working with the Field Intelligence Office to find the perpetrators of the violent robberies of two Bangladeshi workers on Sunday, January 23. These investigators want to know if there is a gang of robbers operating in the Coromandel area. A 36 year old machinist was attacked by an individual in the morning in Coromandel before being robbed of her cell phone and her gold chain. In the afternoon, it was a crane operator working for Metro Express, who was robbed of a fan while returning from the capital to the Richelieu dormitory.

The Bangladeshi, who works at the Firemount plant in La Tour Koenig, was walking along Coromandel Royal Road in front of the Bata plant at around 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 23. Having had a pressing need, she went into a bush. Suddenly, she was attacked by an unknown person. The thirty-year-old, who did not allow herself to be attacked, struggled with her attacker and called for help. A Bangladeshi worker, who works at the Bata factory, came to her rescue.

However, her attacker managed to take her cell phone and the gold chain she was wearing around her neck. The Bangladeshi woman suffered injuries to her right knee and bruises on her left hand. She was taken to Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital, Port Louis for treatment. As she speaks only Bengali, her statement could not be recorded.

On the other hand, a 36-year-old Metro Express employee had the bitter experience of being attacked around 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon while walking on the Metro track from the terminus of this depot to the dormitory of Richelieu while returning from the capital with a fan in hand. He was accosted first by an individual, who tried to forcefully take a box containing a Mikachi brand fan from him.

While he was resisting this man, two other thugs came up behind him. He was threatened by one of them armed with a knife who took his fan. Still under threat, these men demanded money from him. He then gave them the sum of Rs 2000 that he had in his possession.  He said he pushed one of them and fled when he was asked for his cell phone. Immediately afterwards, he alerted the police.

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