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Three Arrests Made For Drug Trafficking

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Police officers from the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) arrested three people for drug trafficking during the day on Tuesday, September 27. Two men, Louis Ricardo Hélène, 46 years old and Jefferson Cody Attock, 22 years old, were arrested in Roche-Bois, after they were found in possession of 62 doses of synthetic drugs and 4 doses of heroin. A sum of Rs 5825 suspected to come from the sale of this drug was also seized. Eve Arielle Ursula Nadal, a 25 year old maid, was arrested for trafficking 50 doses of the synthetic drug, and Rs 7,000 were found in her possession. The ADSU suspects that this money comes from the sale of this drug.

Drug Trafficking

Ricardo Helen
Ricardo Helen
Cody Attock
Cody Attock

It is in the Rue Blanche, Roche-Bois that the men of the inspector Jean Claude Vally proceeded to the arrest of Ricardo Hélène, who is a mason of his state and Cody Attock, an employee of a waterproofing company. These police officers had information that a drug sale was taking place at this location. After hours of surveillance, the two men were seen engaging in the sale of the drugs and were apprehended. The market value of the seized drugs is Rs 7000.

Arielle Nadal
Arielle Nadal

As for Arielle Nadal, she was arrested after being found in possession of 50 doses of synthetic drugs worth Rs 5000, during a raid made by the men of Sergeant Vengatasamay. The ADSU of the Western Division had information that she was involved in the sale of the drug. The three suspects, who were placed in detention, will be brought before the court this Wednesday morning, September 28.

Cannabis Plants Drug Trafficking

In addition, a police operation mounted in a wood in the Belle-Rive area on Tuesday, September 27, resulted in the uprooting of 256 cannabis plants. These plants measure between thirty to one meter. It is on the basis of certain information that this team of police officers of the ADSU of Saint-Pierre, led by sergeant Luckmun, went to this place. The value of this drug is Rs 307 200. Arielle Nadal was arrested in Cité Kennedy, Quatre-Bornes.

An investigation was initiated to trace the cultivator of these plants.

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