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The State Of Our Cities Is Deplorable Says Bhagwan

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This morning, the representatives of the Labour Party and those of L’Espoir Platform met. Rajesh Bhagwan said that it has been 8 years since the municipal elections were held. For him, everything now seems to indicate that this election will not take place. But he added that this alliance, which has only materialized for the municipal elections for the moment, has decided to prepare itself. For him, the state of the cities is deplorable. He argued that the concept of regional democracy does not even exist. “Mayors are puppets,” he said. He concluded that the aim of the alliance is to kick the MSM and the current team out of the mayoralties. “We need to prepare for the municipal elections. But it is also a prelude to the next general election.

Patrick Assirvaden

We must ally ourselves,” Assirvaden said.

Patrick Assirvaden emphasized that Berenger, Ramgoolam and Duval have decided to join forces to remove the MSM from power. “The first issue is the municipal elections. Today, there is no valid reason not to hold these elections. But the only thing the PM feared was that all the Opposition parties would join forces,” he said. He added that the success of this collaboration depends on the supporters, not the leaders. He explained that the PTr leadership appreciates that the Hope cartel chose to cancel its planned rally at Goodlands yesterday. “Before we storm the government, we need to get the town halls back. Pravind Jugnauth knows that if he loses the municipalities, he is finished,” he said. He added that we must continue to put pressure on Pravind Jugnauth to organize the elections.

Navin Ramgoolam

Note that the leader of the labour party, Dr Navin Ramgoolam was accompanied by several leaders of his party. He said he wanted to support the two hunger strikers. It should be remembered that Nishal Joyram is on his 5th day of strike. Since Friday, Sanjeev Teeluckdharry has joined Nishal Joyram.

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