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The New Regulations Of IBA Denounced By Bhadain

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“Is it the role of journalists to defend the government when the latter chose not to participate in a debate on a radio?” was Roshi Bhadain’s question during a press conference this Wednesday. He was commenting the new regulations of the Independent Broadcasting Act, which were published on 25 November 2022. They state that journalists and presenters of private radio stations are required to ensure impartiality during broadcasts and in news’ bulletins. According to the reading of the leader of the Reform Party, if a government official refuses to appear on a program, it will be up to the journalist or host to defend the government. For him, this is unconstitutional.

Here is a part of the Regulations made by the Independent Broadcasting Authority that is of concern:

Programs on radio and television

(a) Due impartiality on political matters, controversial matters and matters relating to current public policy or events shall be preserved on the part of any person providing a service in a broadcasting licensee.

Impartiality may be achieved within a programme or over a series of programmes taken as a whole.

  • Where a broadcasting licensee attempts to seek alternative views, but these are not readily available (for example, an individual or organisation declines to give an interview or give comments), he shall comply with a range of editorial techniques for maintaining due impartiality.

This is the complete Regulation as per Government Gazette: Government Notice No. 308 of 2022

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