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The Average Yearly Index For The Manufacturing Sector Has Increased

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Statistics Mauritius has published some figure regarding manufacturing sector. The Producer Price Index for the Manufacturing sector (PPI-M) measures pure price changes in the effective prices received by producers for that part of their output, which is sold on the domestic market (in Mauritian rupees) and therefore excludes Export Oriented Enterprises.

The Producer Price Index for the manufacturing sector registered an increase of 3.8 points (+2.8%) from 136.0 in March 2022 to 139.8 in June 2022. The main reason for the net increase was higher prices of “Food products and beverages” (+3.4%), “Chemicals and chemical products” (+7.1%), “Furniture” (+5.6%), “Wearing apparel” (+4.1%), “Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers” (+6.6%), “Basic metals” (+1.5%), “Rubber and plastic products” (+0.6%), partly offset by a decrease in the prices of “Printing and reproduction of recorded media” (-2.9%).

Overall monthly indices

On a monthly basis, the PPI-M increased by 1.0 point (+0.7%) in April, 0.2 point in May (+0.1%) and 2.6 points (+1.9%) in June

The average yearly index for the manufacturing sector as a whole was 119.8 in 2021, i.e. 12.2 points (+11.3%) higher than the figure of 107.6 in 2020. The index for the “Manufacture of food products and beverages” was 115.4 in 2021 compared to 106.3 in 2020, showing an increase of 9.1 points (+8.6%). The index for the “Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products” stood at 113.8 in 2021, higher by 11.8 points (+11.6%) compared to 102.0 in 2020. The index for  “Manufacture of rubber and plastic products” was 113.8 in 2021 compared to 101.3 in 2020, i.e. an increase of 12.5 points (+12.3%).

yearly indices

Figure 2 hows that the yearly indices for the manufacturing sector as a whole and that for “Manufacture of food products and beverages had an upward increasing trend from 2018 to 2021. As for the “Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products”, from 2018 till 2019, the index remained nearly constant, then from 2019 till 2020, the index picked up slightly. It was as from 2020 till 2021, that the index for “Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products” increased steadily.

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