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Tamil New Year Ceremony In Reduit: The PM Guest Of Honor

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The Tamil New Year, Tamizh Puttaandu, was celebrated at the national level on Friday, April 14, at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute in Moka. The initiative was taken by the Mauritius Tamil Temples Federation (MTTF) which groups all the Tamil temples of the island. The Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, was the guest of honor at the celebrations. The event was attended by leaders of various Tamil cultural associations in the country, members of the government and several prominent personalities.

The Head of Government made a point of praising the mission and contribution of socio-cultural associations in the popularization of traditions and culture in the country. The Prime Minister thus called for citizen responsibility for the consolidation of national unity. “Nou bizin at all costs preserve peace and harmony in our country. For the sake of some burned heads trying to foster communal hatred, we must remain vigilant,” he said.

In addition, the Prime Minister said that he and members of his government have always praised the good work that are done by the leaders of socio-cultural associations. “I know that we do not put enough emphasis on your contribution to the advancement of the country, but we all know that you are doing a good job. You are inculcating human values and discipline in young people so that they do not take the wrong path,” he said.

Tamil New Year Ceremony

In the same vein, the Head of Government confirmed that land has been offered to the Tamil Cultural Center at the Triangle Reduit. However, he said, there has been no development on this land. Pravind Jugnauth also confirmed that the government has taken back this land and discussions are underway to grant another one in the La Vigie area. He also added that the government will build a modern forensic science laboratory.

The Head of Government also insists that all citizens regardless of their religion and culture will have the same considerations.

The PM also spoke about the greatness and contribution of the Tamil civilization in the world, especially in the field of science. The Head of Government also offered gifts to the students who have passed their exams brilliantly.

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