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Taliban Government Bans PUBG In Afghanistan Citing Its ‘Violence Nature’

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Battle royale mobile game PUBG has been banned by the Taliban government in Afghanistan, claiming it promotes violence. The battle game is popular among youth even when several countries have put a ban on it. With more than 1 billion downloads across the globe, the game has been also banned by South Asian countries including India and Bangladesh. Now, another South Asian country, Afghanistan adds itself in the list.

As per Afghan Media Khama reports, the popularly played battle royale game, PUBG Mobile, will be banned within the next three months. The decision was taken collectively in a meeting held between the Ministry of Telecommunications and representatives from the security sector and the Sharia law enforcement administration. The Taliban government believes that such games promote violence and bear negative impact on the nation’s youth.

All national telecoms and internet service providers have been made aware by the Afghan Ministry of Telecommunication and are instructed to carry out the plan within the given time period. On account of the violent premise, such games have been subjected to heavy criticism. The game has been charged with reinforcing juvenile addiction, especially in children.

Politicians, in most cases, choose to illegalize the game globally instead of allowing preventative measures to reduce the game’s addiction among the young who play it. With the growing number of video game franchises in recent times, the rivalry will not turn out well in such areas.

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