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Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Price Hike

Egypt Government Raises Price On Subsidized Bread

The price of subsidized bread has quadrupled, making it more difficult than ever for millions of Egyptians to make ends meet. People were having difficulty...

Inflation Hits Alarming 11.0% In February 2023

Inflation reached an alarming 11.0 percent in February 2023, up from 9.0 percent in February 2022. Headline inflation for the 12 months ending February...

High Inflation – The Central Theme Of 2022!

As we move into 2023, the global economy continues to face a confluence of challenges. Inflation has dogged markets this year, with Inflation at...

Inevitable Hike Of Fresh Beef; Socovia: “The Increase Will Affect Other Meats”

From Rs 160 to Rs 167.50 per half kilo. Beef has become more expensive since Friday 19 August. Butchers warn that consumers are not...

Gas And Fuel Surge : ACIM Calls For Protests Of All Kinds And On All Sides

Two major increases in two days were certainly not going to be met with understanding. Jayen Chellum, Secretary General of the Association des Consommateurs...

The 12 Kg Household Gas Cylinder Undergoes An Increase Of Rs 60, From Rs 180 To Rs 240

New price increase for consumers. After several essential products such as fuel, it is the turn of the household gas cylinder to show a...

22nd January Rally Not Authorised – ACIM To Challenge Police’s Decision

The ACIM Rally against price gouging will not take place in Port Louis on 22nd January. The Association des Consommateurs de l'ile Maurice (ACIM)...
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