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Rs 5 Million Claimed By Johnson Roussety From OPR: Case To Be Heard By Supreme Court On March 28

In a complaint for defamation filed in the Supreme Court on January 29, Johnson Roussety is claiming Rs 5 million in damages from OPR...

Francisco François Succeeds Serge Clair As Leader Of OPR

After 47 years, the historical leader of the OPR, Louis Serge Clair decided to retire. The delegates of the party were called to elect...

Rodrigues: OPR To Celebrate 46 Years Of OPR And 20 Years Of Rodrigues Autonomy On October 30 At La Ferme

The OPR held a press conference on Wednesday, October 19 as part of the 46th anniversary of the OPR and 20 years of Rodrigues...

Regional Elections: Tie Between Lallians Liberation And L’OPR

As expected, a very close match between Lallians Liberation (UPR/MMR/MIR/FRPe and PMSD Rodrigues) and OPR. Now we have to wait for the designation exercise...

Rodrigues – 5699 Cases Of Covid 19: A Demand For General Lock Down

Rodrigues has reached 5699 cases on Sunday 13th February and has 341 new positive cases. With 1,656 patients considered cured, it is considered that...

Rodrigues: Alliance Liberation Accuses OPR For Intimidation – Franchette Gaspard Pierre Louis Denies The Accusations

The Commissioner and candidate for the l’Organisation du Peuple de Rodrigues (OPR) at No. 3 could not remain quiet following the police complaint of...

Elections In Rodrigues: Xavier-Luc Duval Calls For Unity Of Opposition Parties

The leader of the Opposition, Xavier-Luc Duval is personally involved in the Rodrigues electoral contest through an open letter to the opposition parties of...
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