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Nasser Moraby

Pains Maisons : No Hike Or Strike, Production Continues For Now…

The meeting on Wednesday between the Minister of Trade and the representatives of the Association of Bakery Owners concluded in favor of consumers. The...

Soaring Fuel Prices : 150 Bakeries To Close

The situation is likely to get out of hand. The Association of Bakery Owners is facing a critical decision. Close down and get out...

Regulated Bread Prices: No Increase Expected According To The Minister Of Commerce

The price of bread will not increase! This was implied by the Minister of Commerce, Soodesh Callichurn, and the President of the Bakery Owners...

Bread Prices Not Fixed: 5 Bakeries Closed Temporarily

The inaction of the Ministry of Commerce is forcing bakers to take the lead. With the too long wait and too heavy losses, five...

Bread : Possible Increase Of Rs 1.50 On 100 Grams

The proposals of the Bakery Owners Association are being studied by the technicians of the Ministry of Commerce. It mainly concerns an increase of...
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