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European Union

France’s Biggest Power Provider To Be Nationalised

France has announced that it will bid to take over the country’s largest energy provider – EDF. Ministry of Economy and Finance said on...

Anticipating Threats From North Africa, Spain Urges NATO To Take Action

As the NATO alliance agreed on a new "strategic concept" at its summit last week in Madrid, Italy and Spain are pushing NATO to...

Uniform Charging Cord : European Union Makes USB-C Mandatory For Phones

European Union officials have reached an agreement on the new rules requiring a uniform charging cord for smartphones and other devices. EU officials said...

Grant Of €200,000 From EU For Promotion Of Human Rights In Seychelles

The European Union (EU) has donated a grant of €200,000 (R3 million) to the Seychelles Human Rights Commission (SHRC) for the promotion of human...

G7 Summit Overshadowed By Dispute Between London And Brussels

In view of the G7 Summit, Saturday June 12, Europeans criticized London for not keeping their word on their post-Brexit commitments, while the British...
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