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Supreme Court Judicial Review On The Commission Of Inquiry Of Betamax Begins

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Chief Justice Asraf Caunhye heard the first arguments of all parties in the Commission of Inquiry on the Betamax Saga.

The owner of Betamax, Veekram Bhunjun is asking for a judicial review against the institution of a Commission of Inquiry on the Betamax saga, The State had to compensate more than 5.7 billion to Betamax following a judgment from the Privy Council.

The president of the Republic later decided to call for a Commission of Inquiry on everything that deals with Betamax. However, Mr Bhunjun is against this decision.

Before the court today, the legal representative of the Attorney General has asked the Supreme Court to set aside the leave for judicial review of the Betamax deal. The matter has been postponed to 13th September 2021.

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