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Stopped During A Traffic Stop, Individual Brandished A Box Cutter And Fled

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A suspicious-looking individual who was pushing a motorcycle on the road to Bonne Terre, Vacoas was arrested by a police unit that was on patrol there in the early hours of Wednesday morning, May 24. This man who declared his identity as a resident of La Valette, Bambous and aged 28 years could not produce his driving license or a copy of this document. These police officers also found that the motorcycle had only the front license plate, no insurance sticker or National Land and Transport Authority (NLTA) sticker. After being informed that he was going to be subjected to a body search, the suspect had to remove a box cutter from his pocket before fleeing.

It was around 00:45 in the morning of Wednesday, May 24, that a police sergeant from the Vacoas police station in company of three police officers was on patrol in a vehicle on the road to Bonne Terre, Vaocas near the Toyota company to reinforce the police presence following the incidents that occurred in a place of worship and graffiti on walls. A man was seen sitting on a motorcycle and was pushing it with his two feet. Coming from the direction of La Caverne, he was going towards Candos. The headlight of the motorcycle was on, but there was no license plate on the back. He was not wearing a fluorescent vest.

The police officers got off to question this motorcyclist, he had to give his name and the locality where he lives. He was unable to produce his driver’s license or a copy of it. His motorcycle did not have a license plate on the back. He was not wearing a fluorescent vest either. He was informed that he would be ticketed. A complete check discovered that the insurance sticker and NLTA sticker were not attached to this motorcycle. The suspicious looking man was informed that he was going to be subjected to a search, at which point he removed a box cutter from his pocket. When questioned about the sharp weapon in his possession, he had to run away.

Two police officers tried to pursue him, but to no avail. The individual managed to flee. He is being actively sought by the police. The Suzuki motorcycle was transported to the police station of Vacoas.

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