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Steven Obeegadoo: Sociocultural Organisations Are Satisfied With Land Proposed At Côte d’Or

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The Private Notice Question was based this Tuesday on the land that the government has reclaimed from sociocultural organisations at the Réduit Triangle. Xavier-Luc Duval focussed on the opposition of the members of these organisations. However, Deputy Prime Minister Steven Obeegadoo announced that the Prime Minister has offered to the representatives of these organisations a piece of land in exchange at Côte d’Or, Hermitage. He added that a visit took place this very morning in the presence of Minister Avinash Teeluck, and that the associations concerned have expressed their satisfaction.

Steven Obeegadoo reported that the leaders of the Hindi Speaking Union, the Urdu Speaking Union and the Mauritius Tamil Cultural Centre Trust met the Prime Minister yesterday. They were offered land at Côte d’Or, Hermitage, in exchange for the land allocated to them at the Réduit Triangle, which the government has taken over. It should be noted that they were not satisfied with the land offered at La Vigie. Steven Obeegadoo pointed out that this morning, representatives of these three organisations, as well as those of the Indo Mauritian Catholic Association, visited the site in the presence of the Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage. They are satisfied.

“Why is the government in such a hurry? This was the question asked by Xavier-Luc Duval. He also wondered whether the land had been recovered for the Nundun Gopee Group, which has a medical project in the area. He asked for a straight answer, which however he did not get.

At one point, Steven Obeegadoo said that the board of the Mauritius Tamil Cultural Centre Trust met this morning and accepted the proposed land in Côte d’Or.

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