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Solar Eclipse 2023: Rare Eclipse To Bring Complete Darkness, What Will Happen Next?

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On Thursday, a rare hybrid solar eclipse will take place, resulting in complete darkness and then a “ring of fire” effect. A solar eclipse is an astronomical occurrence that takes place when the Moon moves in front of the Sun, partially obstructing its rays and casting a shadow across the planet’s surface.

After total darkness for more than a minute, there will be an annular eclipse. This happens when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun but the Moon appears smaller than the Sun in the sky. Because of this, the solar disc is not entirely covered by the Moon when it crosses the Sun’s path, leaving a ring of the Sun’s outer edges to be seen around the Moon. This produces a stunning “ring of fire” effect around the Moon’s shadowy outline.

According to NASA, a total solar eclipse will be seen from Australia and Southeast Asia on April 20 when the Moon passes in front of the Sun. It will also be visible from Antarctica, the Pacific, and the Indian Ocean. According to the Western Australian government, one of the greatest places in the world to witness it will be Ningaloo, which is located on the coral coast of Western Australia.

The eclipse can be seen from 1:34:26 (05:43: 26 MUT) and 06:59:22 UTC (10:59:22 MUT). Partial eclipse will be observed in the first site at 01:34:26 (05:43: 26 MUT), followed by the full eclipse at 02:37:08 (06:37:08 MUT), and the maximum eclipse at 9:46:53 (01:46:53 MUT). Lastly, the whole eclipse will be seen around 5:56:43 (09:56:43 MUT).

The small resort town of Exmouth in Australia will experience complete darkness for 62 seconds as the moon’s shadow passes over the Exmouth Peninsula. It will take about three hours for the Moon to pass the Sun. The air temperature lowers, some stars and planets become visible, and animals may exhibit altered behaviour during totality.

A dazzling corona will be visible surrounding the moon and the sky will darken due to the heated gases in the sun’s outermost atmosphere. The Sun’s corona is invisible in normal daylight, but it may be observed during a total solar eclipse and appears as a white halo.

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