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She Is Arrested For Embezzlement To The Detriment Of Her Daughter-In-Law

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A loot of Rs 600 000. A 31-year-old resident of Rose Belle alleges that her mother-in-law embezzled this amount. This one, Shyama Bissonauth, 64 years old, living in Plaine des Papayes, was arrested on Thursday 16 March under a charge of embezzlement. The sixty-year-old, who denies this accusation, was brought before the court of Pamplemousses the same day under a provisional accusation. She was released on bail of Rs 10,000 and an IOU of Rs 50,000.

Following a notice from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), a team of police officers from the Criminal Investigation Division of Piton and the Field Intelligence Office of the Northern Division arrested Shyama Bissonauth, née Gokulsing, on the morning of Thursday March 16. In the presence of her two lawmen, the 60-year-old was charged with embezzlement. She denied the charge.

This case dates back to April 24, 2021 when her daughter-in-law had reported a case of embezzlement to the Rose Belle police station. She had explained that she had left the marital home in Plaine des Papayes to return to her parents’ home in Rose Belle. She did not get all her jewelry worth Rs 300 000 and a sum of Rs 300 000 that her mother-in-law would have placed in a safe.

On April 22, 2021 at around 11 am, she was in Rose-Belle when a van stopped in front of her house. A resident of Plaine des Papayes and two other people got out. This individual had spoken to her in a rude way. He then opened the door next to the vehicle to show her several boxes and plastic bags before saying, “or mother-in-law, or father-in-law ine dir mwa pran on bann k… la, vinn zet divan ou laport.

The thirty-year-old said that she asked this individual to deposit his belongings inside her house, which he did with the help of these two other men. In their presence, she had noticed that all her wedding jewels and the sum of Rs 300 000, which were kept in the safe of her mother-in-law and in her room, were not there. She had then written a memo to confirm the items she had received before signing. This man, who had come in the van, had also attested to this memo.

She had stated in her deposition that she suspected that her in-laws and her husband had acted voluntarily and illegally to keep her jewelry and money. A situation, she had said, caused her harm.

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