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Serbia Benefits From Covid 19 Quarantine Tourism From India

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Serbia is a country which is able to benefit from COVID-19 ‘quarantine tourism’ as thousand of Indians make a two-week stopover on the way to other countries. It is also to enter the visa-free if they have been vaccinated and tested negative for the virus.

India is the second country after the US to have registered the most coronavirus cases. Its citizens are forbidden to enter the many countries during the pandemic only if they spend two weeks in another country in quarantine enroute.

Indian citizens are also required to spend at least the first week of their stay in Serbia in isolation depending from conditions set by their destination countries. At the end of their quarantine, they are required to take another test.

In June, Serbia recorded a 48.4% annual increase in tourist arrivals and the number of overnight stays increased by 39.3%. Tourism accounted for around 2.5% of the country gross domestic product. Serbia suffered a loss of more than €1 billion in revenues last year because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Since last December, Serbia has already vaccinated a third of its 6.7 million population.

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