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Sarah Labonté, A Very Good Performer

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Sarah Labonté. Here is a comedian that we have associated for years with the Komiko troupe. She is currently performing in the play Mwa ki to parrain and talks about her passion.

Sarah auditions for a commercial. She does not have the role. But the producer put her in touch with Miselaine Duval – the director of Komiko. One call later, Miselaine offers her to play in the play Jony. Panic-stricken, she refused the first time. She accepts the second time, and ends up playing the play: “Jony was my first play. I played the role of a prostitute to the great displeasure of my mother. However, over time my parents accepted my passion and they supported me 100% thereafter.”

Sarah Labonté
Sarah Labonté

After more than twenty plays under her belt, Sarah still enjoys being on stage: “Being an actress allows you to slip into the skin of several characters. It’s a bit of an escape from real life. And that’s what I enjoy most about this business.”

If the idea of a one-woman show has already crossed her mind, the artist concedes that it is not her priority: “I assume a lot on stage in the company of other comedians. A one-woman show is not impossible but I’m not ready yet,” explains this proud resident of Roche-Bois.

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