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Russian Parliament Passes Law Prohibiting ‘LGBT Propaganda’ Among Adults

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Russia’s parliament passed a bill on Thursday which bans the “LGBT propaganda” and also curbs “demonstration” of LGBT acts and all ways that show LGBT lifestyle. The bill contains strict punishments against those breaching the laws with the fine up to $6,554.

This fine would be up to $83,131 for companies or organizations accused of “propagandizing nontraditional sexual relations”. The rules are applied on Russian citizens and a foreigner breaching the rules can face imprisonment of 15 days and deportation.

The 2013 law

A 2013 Russian law bans “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” among minors. The law had barred only promotion of LGBT lifestyles aimed at children

The law was criticized for being misused by the government and for the vague language of the provisions. In various instances, the government inferred many messages as propaganda which was used as an effective tool to identify and arrest LGBTQ+ activists all around the country.

What the new law says?

The new legislation is an addition to the still existing 2013 law. It prohibits all kinds of acts by adults that promote or motivate the “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” in society.

The new legislation, which requires the stamp of the upper house of parliament and President Vladimir Putin, says that any behavior or information that is intended to motivate homosexuality – through any source like public, online, or in films, books or advertising – could incur a hefty fine.

The new bill also bans the “demonstration” of LGBT behavior to children.

Legislators, while defending the law, say they are protecting traditional values of the “Russian world” in the backdrop of a liberal West they opine is determined to destroy them – a case officials greatly use to justify Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine.

The bill will come into effect in some days after it is signed by President Vladimir Putin.

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