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Rs 5 Million Cannabis Plants Uprooted In Bramsthan

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A police operation mounted during the morning of Saturday, January 28, resulted in the uprooting of cannabis plants worth Rs 5,104,000 in woods at Shivala Road in Bramsthan. It is on the basis of certain information obtained by police officers of the Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit (DCIU) of the Eastern Division, Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Flacq and those of the Divisional Supporting Unit (DSU), that 1276 cannabis plants were uprooted in three places respectively in a wood. These plants measure between twenty-five and seventy-five centimeters. The alleged growers of these plants have not been arrested.

A team led by inspector Seebnauth of the DCIU went to a place in this wood at about 9:45 am this Saturday, January 28, where four hundred and twenty-five cannabis plants were discovered in the ground. These plants measured between forty and seventy-five centimeters. These plants are worth Rs 1 700 000.

At about 10:30 am, the men of the inspector Moosun of the CID of Flacq came across a plantation of four hundred and thirty plants. They measured between thirty and seventy-five centimeters. The market value of these plants is Rs 1 720 000.

Around 11 am, the men of the DSU inspector Dewdharee uprooted four hundred and twenty-one cannabis plants. They measured between twenty-five and seventy centimeters. The value of these plants is Rs 1 684 000.

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