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Rs 20,000 Bail To Yuvan Sungkur

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The ‘lawyer’ representing Akil Bissessur was himself under arrest in the morning. Yuvan Sungkur was arrested mid-day on Tuesday. This was following his interrogation by the CCID. He was assisted by Mr Mikash Hassamal during the exercise. Yuvan Sungkur is accused of practising law illegally. As he was not registered with the Mauritius Bar Association, he was not allowed to practice. He was taken to the Port Louis District Court for his provisional indictment.

Yuvan Sungkur, who acted as the legal representative of Akil Bissessur, was presented before the Port Louis court where a provisional charge of violating the Law Practitioners’ Act was held against him. He was subsequently released on bail of Rs 20,000 and a debt recognizance of Rs 80,000. Yuvan Sungkur is accused of having appeared for Akil Bissessur when he is not entitled to practise in Mauritius as he is not registered with the Mauritius Bar Association.

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