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Regional Elections: Tie Between Lallians Liberation And L’OPR

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As expected, a very close match between Lallians Liberation (UPR/MMR/MIR/FRPe and PMSD Rodrigues) and OPR. Now we have to wait for the designation exercise of the candidates elected by the proportional system.

Here are the 12 elected representatives who will represent the Rodrigues people in the Regional Assembly:

  • No 1 La  Ferme

Jean Nicolas Volbert and Alain Wong So of Lallians Libération (UPR/MMR/MIR/FRPe and PMSD Rodrigues).

  • No 2 Maréchal

Marie Christine Agathe and Ravina Joseph Varok of l’Alliance Rodriguais (PMSD Rodrigues and Front Patriotique Rodriguais)

  • No 3 Saint-Gabriel

Jean Rex Ramdally and Franchette Gaspard Pierre Louis of l’Organisation du Peuple Rodriguais (OPR)

  • No 4 Baie-aux-Huitres

Nicholson Lisette and Karine Roussety of l’OPR

  • No 5 Port-Mathurin

Johnson Rousety and Louis Ange Perrine of Alliance Rodriguais

  • No 6 Grande-Montagne

Henri Agathe and Louis Daniel Baptiste of l’OPR

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