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Reform Party: Roshi Bhadain To Conquer Young Voters

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The Reform Party leader Roshi Bhadain wants to win over young voters and he made this clear at his party’s convention in Mahebourg on Sunday 28 August.

In front of a crowd of supporters, Roshi Bhadain first of all blamed the politicians of the traditional political parties. According to him, these parties have reached their station.

Some of them have spent forty years in politics and only now they want to change the system.

The politicians of the government and the Hope platform have taken their toll. He believes that the people do not want either Pravind or Navin.

Reform Party

He also listed some of his proposals.

First, he concedes that the education system needs to be changed. He will make the Grade 9 exam optional. The system should have three routes – the university track for those who want to take exams, the general track for those who want to continue their studies and a vocational track, which he says is the most important.

He also proposes to set up 50 job centres across Mauritius. And depending on your level of study you will get the jobs you are eligible for. He also proposes to encourage the employment of young people in Mauritius.

Reform Party

He also proposes to encourage entrepreneurship for young people. AND also a system to allow a young professional to buy a flat without taking a bank loan. He also promises to abolish the character certificate to enable young people who have committed mistakes in the past to redeem themselves.

Roshi Bhadain also added that he will put up 60 candidates who will be chosen from the population. According to him, 60 per cent of the population is asking for a revival.

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