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Rapsodie: A First Album in 2023

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Orizinal Danger and Ultimatum have teamed up for a single called Consequence. The new group also plans to release a 14-track album in February 2023.

Friends for life, Orizinal Danger and Ultimatum have always been. After a first collaboration in 2021 with Garde la forme, the two companions have decided to go a long way together: “The song Garde la forme allowed us to discover that our voice timbres were complementary. That’s how we said to ourselves that it would be interesting to do a bit of road together,” explains Orizinal Danger.

Ultimatum and Orizinal Danger
Ultimatum and Orizinal DangerMusic, Artis, 

A year later, the project comes to life with Rapsodie: “Rapsodie is the band founded by Ultimatum and me. We just released Consequences – a single with a lot of messages.

In the same vein, the band announces the release of their debut album next year: “The album will be named after Prometheus, like the titan in Greek mythology, who steals light from Zeus to give it to humans. Consisting of 14 tracks, the album will be like a light for our countrymen.”

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