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PUBLIC SERVICE : Withdrawal Of Circular On Self-Isolation Demanded

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In a letter to the Secretary for Public Service (SPS), Bojrazsingh Boyramboli, the State and Other Employees Federation (SOEF) has demanded the withdrawal of the circular on self-isolation leave for civil servants.

He said that the government cannot unilaterally decide to deduct the leave due to Covid-19 in the sick leave, annual leave or vacation leaves, either for self-isolation or hospitalization. He reminds that the leaves of the civil servants are part of the conditions of service advocated by the Pay Research Bureau. Any change in the conditions of service of public servants must be subject to consultation with the public service unions.

We are totally opposed to the government’s decision, as expressed in the above-mentioned circular, that any self-isolation leave or period of hospitalization will be counted towards sick leave, annual leave or vacation entitlement. For those who have exhausted their entitlement, they will be granted a repayable advance over a three-year period.” This is unacceptable and ridiculous. Adding insult to injury, this circular of December 1, 2021 gives retroactive effect to the said decision from August 20, 2021. We demand the withdrawal of this circular and instead request that all employees found positive or hospitalized or self-isolated be given special leave,” says Radhakhrishna Sadien in a letter to SPS.

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