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Prince Stave: Did You Say Afrobeat?

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Of Nigerian origin, Ejiogu Uchenna does not yet live from his music, but he is working on it. The 29-year-old wants to create his own music label to better promote Afrobeat in Mauritius.

When he is not in his business management class, it is behind his microphone that Ejiogu, whose artist name is Prince Stave, spends most of his time.

He has been making music for a year. The artist also has an EP composed of 5 tracks.

And since he swears by the notes, the artist is not idle and has projects full of head: “For the moment the priority is to establish collaborations with known artists such as Lioness Stacy or Bigg Frankii among many others.

In addition, Prince Stave also wants to popularize Afrobeat in Mauritius: “I intend to take advantage of my time on the island to popularize this music in Mauritius. But it will be an Afrobeat that I will put my sauce.

As a reminder, the artist is working on another single entitled Island vibes. He also plans to organize a concert to showcase his talent.

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