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Prices Of Onions And Potatoes Are Regulated By The Consumer Protection

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The Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection reminds the public that the prices of onions and potatoes are regulated by the Consumer Protection (Control of Price of Taxable and Non-taxable Goods) Regulations 1998 and sold at a maximum price of Rs 50 per kilo.

However, it has been reported to this Ministry that some traders are selling onions at a price higher than Rs 50 per kilo, as fixed by Government.

This Ministry wishes to reassure the public that surprise enforcement checks are being carried out all around the island with the assistance of the Agricultural Marketing Board and the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute. As a result of those checks, contraventions have been issued to traders for failing to affix prices and for selling controlled goods at higher prices.

Notwithstanding the above, this Ministry is making an appeal to the public not to purchase onions and potatoes at a price higher than the one fixed by Government and to report any case of abuse through the following:

  • 185 – Hotline of the Consumer Affairs Unit
  • 460 2500 – Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection www.csu.mu – CSU Portal

Given the prevailing situation, and in a view to deter such abusive practices, inspections will be carried out on a regular basis across the island.

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