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Papua New Guinea: Home To The New Species Of ‘Walking Sharks’

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A new species of walking sharks, having tan-and-black speckles, was discovered by international animal conservationists and biologist – Forrest Galante. These new aquatic species were identified in the coral reefs of Solomon Island and Papua New Guinea, which were broadcast on Discovery+.

The biologist said on the broadcast, “this is extraordinary since it is the first time in recorded history that one of the Papuan epaulettes species has been seen walking.” Galante explained the shark was able to walk by dragging its fins through a tide pool with barely enough water.

These epaulette sharks grow to about 3.3 feet (1 meter) in length and feed on crabs and other invertebrates living in the shallow portions of the coral reefs.

The sharks were originally found along the southern coast of New Guinea and the northern coast of Australia. Scientists’ view on the walking ability of the epaulette sharks is believed to be developed to fulfil their urge to find food in areas where other sharks cannot go searching.

This new species is often observed seen moving around tide pools and feeding on the invertebrates.

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