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Padayachy’s Appeal To Joyram: Stop Your Hunger Strike

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At a press conference on Friday, Renganaden Padayachy made an appeal to Nishal Joyram. An appeal made as a Mauritian. “I remind him that we are sensitive to his health. I ask him to end his hunger strike,” said the finance minister. Renganaden Padayachy said that the government is also sensitive to the problems of the entire population. “That’s why we are coming up with an increase in salaries through wage compensation,” he said. Padayachy added that the philosophy of the Pravind Jugnauth government is to rebuild the reserves in a short period of time. He added that this is what will allow price cuts.

The minister stressed that the government has done its utmost by granting a salary compensation of Rs 1000 to all employees and this despite the difficult context, he also said that the cost of compensation for the public and private sectors amounts to Rs 5 billion but he is confident that this will not change the inflation rate which will be between 5 and 6% in 2023. Renganaden Padayachy points out that companies in difficulty will be able to request financial assistance from the government through the “Resilience Fund” which amounts to Rs 50 million. The government is aware that pensioners will not receive any compensation, the Minister of Finance promises accompanying measures.

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